Political Theory booklet

11 09 2018

new higher politics – political theory (2) 2016


Dominant Ideology Voting Behaviour

3 06 2018


Suggested approach

Introduction explain the concept of a ‘dominant ideology’ in society

Para 1: Newspapers- Description of their dominant ideology, examples of this dominant ideology, analysis with evidence (so if relevance is the word, make a comment with evidence showing how it IS relevant, and how it ISN’T, overall assessment.

Para 2: Repeat for TV

Para 3: Repeat for social media.

Conlcusion: Overall judgement to its relevance.

Higher Politics approaches

3 06 2018

20 markers:

A brief introduction, 4 paragraphs and a detailed conclusion

Remember to give added justification for analysis at least once

45-50 mins.

12 markers

Very brief introduction, 3 paragraphs that deal with a different theme. Each paragraph should have extended analysis that directly answers the question

25 mins

8 mark compare

Three short paragraphs and a conclusion

Each paragraph should identify the issue of agreement or disagreement, then give evidence from both sources, then explain that in your own words ‘this shows that while… says…, …disagree because….

Conclusions should rephrase overall how much the sources agree by summarisng each individual point of agreement or disagreement

8 mark data handling

Split statement in two.

Take statement one and link two pieces of evidence to it, with an explanation of whether it supports, opposes or proves exaggeration (with a full reason each time)

Take statement two and do the same.

Give an overall conclusion fully explaining the extent to which the statement as a whole is true, by giving evidence from the individual parts of the statement.






Exemplars for N5

15 05 2018

Prelim samples 2017

8 marker slave trade sample

Sample answers 2016 past paper slave trade

sample answer explain N5 middle passage

sample answer explain N5 middle passage

n5 sample answer nazi rise to power

slave Trade exemplars 2015 qu 31

slave Trade exemplars 2015 qu 31

exemplar abolitionism 9 marker

N5 History Sample Paper 2018

14 05 2018

History Exemplar 2018 N5

Try this assessment in 2hr 20 mins

National 5 last minute help

14 05 2018

If anyone would like me to spend some time tomorrow going through last minute exam prep then e-mail me please. I could start the class after the biology exam finishes, and work till 5 or 6 to look at exemplars?

National 5 9 markers ‘How successful…’

14 05 2018

I have attached an exemplar for a 9 marker with the stem ‘How successful…’

National 5 9 mark questions

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